India has inaugurated the largest solar energy plant in the world

INDIA SOLARIndia with the world’s largest solar plant with 2thousand MW


Solar energy in India is everywhere have been a decade of great change, solar power on trains, airports, ports and now the world’s largest solar plant.

Enregía LIMPIA XXI. India continues to lead the efforts to transform its energy using renewable sources. This year India inaugurated the world’s largest solar plant with more than 2,000 MW of installed capacity. Sakti Sthala plant is built on an area of ​​5,261 hectares in the region of Karnataka. A report Clean Energy XXI highlights the impressive project had an investment of 2 thousand 530 million and marks a before and after in the global renewable industry to be built in just two years and overcome similar projects in countries such as China and Pakistan. The project is a joint venture of  KRDEL and Solar Energy Corporation of India.


The impressive project is not accidental because the country is part of the strategy to reduce pollution have 100 GIGA WATT solar power by 2020.

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