Wind energy without blades and without noise the new technology that is changing the industry

When it comes to wind energy one the main complaints is the noise and the blades that kill thousand birds all over the world, but that is about to change.

electric windmill
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ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. Fewer noise, less space, more savings and above all, it does not kill birds, this is the new wind energy technology that is revolutionizing Spain and is called Vortex Bladeless. David Yañez, David Suriol and Raúl Martín, are the parents of the technological creature that is making history and is setting a new ecological trend. The successful project has been funded by the European Commission Horizon 2020.


energia-limpia-xxi-proyectos-colombia-mexico-peru-argentinaVortex Bladeless consists of a vertical conical cylinder anchored to the ground by an elastic rod that, with the passage of air around it, oscillates and, thanks to a system of coils and magnets, allows the generation of electricity with that movement.

The new Vortex technology creates a model of wind turbines different from those we know today, those that move in a different way, but that provide many advantages. A report by Energía Limpia XXI states that Vortex is 60% more effective than the wind technology that we know today, producing less noise, in less space and avoiding the death of thousands of birds that are hit by traditional windmills.



  1. Estoy desde hace tiempo muy interesado en esta tecnología VORTEX BLADENESS ya que en mi provincia hay un lugar donde el viento es bastante intenso como para instalar estas torres hermosas sin invadir ni cambiar el curso del viento, soy de San Juan ARGENTINA. Gracias.

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