China makes history with the world’s largest floating solar energy plant

0In terms of renewable energy China seems to promise heaven and earth, at least that is the name of a floating solar plant, the largest in the world that has already been connected to the electric grid of the Asian dragon.

ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. The year 2019 is promising for Ciel and Terre. At the end of 2018, the company completed its 70 MWp floating solar plant in Anhui Province, China, which was officially accepted this month after rigorous testing and monitoring.

Why in the world is so relevant?

The plant has made history not only for its size, but for moving from darkness to light, located in a former coal extraction area, in the Yongqiao district, Suzhou city, the floating photovoltaic plant will have as main objective to improve the energy structure in the province and the quality of the environment in the place.

The China Energy Conservation Builder Solar Technology Co., Ltd. and the EPC China Power Engineering Group Shanxi Electric Power Design Institute Co., Ltd., contributed to build the largest floating solar plant supplied by Ciel & Terre. Energía Limpia XXI reports that the 70 MWp floating photovoltaic power generation project in Zhuxianzhuang, Suzhou, has been connected to the national grid. To do this, a new 110 V long-haul airline is built to optimize the transportation of electricity for this tremendous project consisting of 13 islets. This plant guarantees clean and safe energy for more than 20 thousand homes.



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