Sugar waste generates more clean energy in Nicaragua

empty road in between rice field

Photo by Thanh Nguyu1ec5n on

ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. Sugar production in Nicaragua totaled 13.4 million quintals last March, 4% above the amount reported in the same period of last year. In terms renewable energy generation, it is estimated that the biomass energy using sugar cane contributed 216.3MW about 25% of the energy matrix.
The report also noted that hydropower was 149.5MW ; geothermal 154.5MW; wind 186.2MW; and solar 13.4MW.

At the end of 2018 sugar in Niaragua was news for two reasons, for the first time China was the main buyer with 34% of exports, but biomass energy was also generated with cane waste.

60% of this production is destined to exports and 40% national consumption is assured. It should be noted that the sugar sector generates between 40 and 35 thousand jobs, benefiting thousands of Nicaraguan families.

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