Eco-friendly Batteries Using Aloe Vera Wins Schneider Electric’s 2019 Go Green in the City Student Competition

• Team Aloe e-Cell from Rajasthan Technical University in India created 1.5v green
batteries that don’t impact the environment
• The 10th edition of Schneider Go Green launched with a planned Grand Finale at
the Innovation Summit Las Vegas in June 2020
ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. Barcelona (Spain), – Schneider Electric has announced the winning team of Go Green in the City 2019, our international student case study
competition. Nimisha Varma and Naveen Suman of Team Aloe eCell from Rajasthan Technical University in India have created 1.5v batteries made up of aloe vera and a few
herbal extracts. These batteries are eco-friendly and they do not cause soil, water or air pollution as no hazardous metals like lead and mercury are used. In addition, it is not explosive and is safe for human use as explosive electrolytes like Potassium Hydroxide are not present. Executive judges from Schneider Electric and academia highly evaluated the team’s problem definition, realistic solution and great presentation.
“We can actually find the solutions of complex problems around us. Schneider Electric’s emphasis on clean, green and sustainable energy usage is also our passion,” said Team Aloe e-Cell. “Go Green in the City was an awesome experience to learn from and network with a lot of people around the world. We encourage young innovators to be bold and share their ideas!”

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