China in Latin America: Argentina launches its largest solar plant with more than 1.1 million panels

China in Latin America: Argentina launches its largest solar plant with more than 1.1 million panels

With support from the People’s Republic of China Argentina, specifically Jujuy, it inaugurated largest solar park in South America with 1.1 million solar panels

EFz3sL2WsAEIehrThe Cauchari Solar Plant is a 315 MW park that covers three (3) projects called Cauchari I, II and III of 105 MW each, that were awarded in the RenovAr 1.0 bid carried out by the Ministry of Energy and the local Company JEMSE (Jujeño Energy Company State). They  have hired POWERCHINA for the implementation of these projects under the “Turn Key” or “turnkey” modality assuming the development of engineering, procurement of all equipment and supplies, construction and commissioning the installation process.


ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. This week was officially inaugurated Cauchari Solar Park in the province of Jujuy, which will generate electricity for more than 160,000 Argentine homes. The opening ceremony was led by the governor of Jujuy, Gerardo Morales, with the participation of the Chief of Staff of Argentina Government, Marcos Peña, and Energy Secretary Gustavo Lopetegui, among other officials.

During a video conference,  President Mauricio Macri acknowledged the efforts of Governor Morales and “confidence” that generated on Chinese investors to finance the solar park and “the number of hours of effort” made by his team. He noted that this is “just the beginning of what jujeños going to give the rest of the country.”  The official report carried out  by Energía Limpia XXI reported that the park, the largest in South America, covers a complex of 3 projects of 100 MW of installed capacity each, with more than 1,180,000 solar panels located in the Puna to 4020 meters above sea level.

The President stressed that the project employed more than 600 people, including residents of the communities of the native peoples of the area, noting that is already underway the process of expanding the park.

Mauricio Macri said such projects “we will generate all the work and advancement opportunities that we all want in the new phase that we will face as of December 10”. “With more relief, tranquility, better pay and without as much effort as we had to do these past years,” he said.

Previously, he also delivered a message via video conference, the Chinese ambassador to Argentina, Zou Xiaoli.

Cauchari Solar Park was built with funding from the Chinese bank Eximbank (Export-Import Bank of China), and belongs to the local power company and provincial mining institution JEMSE, whose project was awarded during the 1 auction of the RenovAR program.

The opening implied mechanical completion and testing of the solar plant Cauchari II and III, while Cauchari I is installed on 75%. The project will be completed with the inclusion of a transmission line and a transformer station which will inject energy to the Argentine Interconnected System.



China has carried out similar investments in geothermal and solar energy in countries like Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil, among others.

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