India and China join efforts to promote 100% electric buses


India has reaffirmed its commitment to promote more sustainable transportation services.

ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. China and India are joining forces and building muscle to strengthen promotion of sustainable mobility. To this end, Olectra Greentech of India and Build Your Dream (BYD) of the Chinese Republic have formed an alliance to install a new factory of electric buses.

Eye BYD already has a local factory in Talangana with which it has guaranteed 100 electric buses. A report carried by Energia Limpia XXI states that the new factory will be supplying about 500 buses for the market in India in the next 3 years.


India wants to put 5 thousand electric buses into circulation in at least 40 cities in the country to reduce pollution and improve transport conditions in this great country with a population of 1,370 million inhabitants.

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