Chile, Colombia, Brazil and Argentina with more electric buses from BYD CHINA


Shenzhen, China – BYD has now sold more than one thousand electric buses in Latin America, becoming a leader in the promotion and implementation of electrified public transportation across the region. With a total of 1,035 buses sold to date, the company covers 71% of the local pure electric bus market, cutting 222 tons of CO2 emissions – with an average daily operation of 200 km per bus – which is the equivalent to planting 18,520 trees.
Electrification success in Chile – A promising example for Latin America
Chile leads the ranking with 285 electric buses, the largest fleet on the continent. The operation of the first 100 BYD electric buses began on December 15, 2018, by Enel and Metbus. After one year, the fleet has traveled a total of 4.5 million kilometers since its deployment, serving more than 13 million users and made 160 thousand trips, saving 21 tons…

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