Nicaragua moves forward with 80.1% renewable energy generation using wind power, geothermal, hydro and biomass


ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. Nicaragua increased sugar production in the month of March and this has had a positive impact on the generation of biomass energy from sugarcane bagasse. The sector registers 11.6 million quintals, a significant 6% more than in the same period of the last year, the goal for this year is to reach at least 17.2 million quintals. It should be noted that 36,000 jobs are generated in this sector, with good pay and benefits for the families of the workers.

Energía Limpia XXI, a digital magazine specialized in renewable energy and sustainable development in Latin America and the Caribbean,  published a report by the Nicaragua Center for Electricity Dispatch (CNDC) on energy generation from clean energy sources.

man holding a sugar cane
Photo by FRANK MERIu00d1O on

The report noted that 80.1% of the energy generated in the country last weekend came from renewable sources: 24.3% from sugar cane bagasse, 25.5% wind, 23.2% geothermal, 5.4% hydroelectric and 1.7% solar. The report also states that ” diversification of the energy grid in Nicaragua has helped to successfully manage changes in hydroelectric generation, because the country has various sources of clean energy that are complimentary”.


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