Electric bus made by China BYD receives international award for quality design


3f642d5c9d0d02581ce69af2ba1e1568_01GO ECO GREEN21. BYD’s ‘Home from Home’ concept is the result of careful consideration of the future of vehicle electrification, placing it into the context of a true passenger experience. Interior and exterior treatments come together to produce a vehicle which delivers on functionality and emotion, and, crucially for the iF Design Award judges, one that bears witness to an imaginative design evoking a very real sense of welcome, delight and inspiration. A report carried by Go Eco Green21 states that the journey towards BYD’s latest 12-metre eBus design was the result of the globally-renowned Vision in Product (or ViP) design ethos; the culmination of a long-term, multi-layered working process. BYD’s design team immersed itself in design exhibitions, inspirational presentations and by working closely with design experts outside of vehicle manufacturing in order to assemble the fundamental Home from Home building blocks.

Panel of Experts

No fewer than 70 individual…

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