ENERGY AND INVESTMENTS IN BRAZIL: Abengoa closes new contracts for electrical transmission projects



ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. Abengoa (MCE: ABG/P:SM), the international company that applies innovative technology solutions for sustainability in the infrastructures, energy and water sectors, has reached an agreement with Evoltz in relation to the purchase option that could be exercised on Omega Brasil, as a result of the transaction closed within the framework of the Judicial Recovery process.

In May 2018, Evoltz acquired a set of electric power transmission assets in operation in Brazil, distributed in seven concessions, with more than 3,500 km of lines and 20 substations located in ten Brazilian states, which included an option of purchasing Omega Brasil, an Abengoa company that performs the operation and maintenance of these assets. A repote carried by Energía Limpia XXI states that the agreement reached, Evoltz will be in charge of the operation from now on, while Omega Brasil will carry out the maintenance for an initial period of five years.

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