BYD China With Successful Progress in Norway: BYD Ramps-up E-Bus Deliveries as Unibuss Takes on 23


ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. Europe’s leading eBus manufacturer, BYD, has reaffirmed its commitment to public transport customers following the delivery of 23 new 12-metre BYD eBuses to Unibuss, one of Norway’s primary public transport providers.
The eBus handover to Unibuss coincides with the original lead time put in place after the order was confirmed in November 2019, and despite coronavirus lockdown restrictions over recent months. Yesterday’s delivery further demonstrates BYD’s pledge to support public transport operators throughout Europe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

AThe new fleet also signals the emergence of Unibuss as one of the largest electric bus operator in the Nordic region, as the company continues to spearhead the move to sustainable public transport. In the Norwegian capital of Oslo, Unibuss operates more than half of the city’s electric bus fleet.
An official hand-over took place yesterday afternoon in the Norwegian capital, Oslo, with Øystein Svendsen, CEO at Unibuss, and…

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