Mexico: A gorgeous wind farm in Yucatan generate clean energy for thousands of families


-The new project inaugurated in the complex context of Covid-19 will contribute to the reduction of polluting emissions to the atmosphere estimated at 181 thousand tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), which translates into taking approximately 76,800 cars out of circulation annually.

ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI.- Yucatán is making significant progress towards increasing the use of clean energy to protect the environment, reduce costs in electricity consumption, generate investment and employment, after the start of operations of the Progreso Wind Farm that is day launched the Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal.

Accompanied by Benigno Villareal del Río, general director of Renewable Energy of the Peninsula, Vila Dosal led the inauguration ceremony of this wind project that had an investment of 155 million dollars (an equivalent to about 3,400 million pesos) and generated 300 jobs in its construction stage, plus the jobs that it will grant from now on permanently. The wind farm is…

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