Solar energy: Brazil is moving ahead with new solar floating plant


Solar floating technology is becoming a new game changer in the renewable sector allowing to combine solar and hydropwer.

GO ECO GREEN / ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI – Brazil is promoting floating solar energy projects. Empresa Metropolitana de Águas e Energia (EMAE), has open a public bidding to express its interest in selecting potential private and / or public partners to develop projects generation of electric energy, from floating photovoltaic solar source, to be installed in the Billings reservoir.

In this context, EMAE invites holders of capital, rights, projects and / or any business opportunities to express interest in the development of floating photovoltaic solar energy generation projects, aiming at future participation in the Regulated Contracting Environments (ACR) and / or Free Contracting (ACL). A report carried by Energía Limpia XXI states that he basic structure for the business may be the establishment of a Consortium, with the objective of establishing…

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