China sets a new record with the largest solar energy plant in the world and the country has set the goal to be fully cabon neutral by 2060


Photo by Pixabay

GO ECO GREEN21. Sungrow, the global leading inverter solution supplier for renewables, along with Huanghe Hydropower Development Co., Ltd., announced that it is supplying PV inverter solutions and energy storage systems to a 202.86MW/202.86MWh PV-plus-storage project in Northwest China’s Qinghai Province, which is considered the largest solar plant in the world with 2.2 GW.

Technologically advanced “PV+ESS” solution

This project is located in a vast desert that is becoming a hub of mounting solar plants and one of China’s electricity transmission basesapplying UHV (Utra High Voltage) technology to tranfer the electricity from west to east across the nation in a bid to maximize the consumption of clean energy. A report carried by Energía Limpia XXI states that Huanghe Hydropower, the leading renewable energy entity, is playing a pivotal role in the multi-energy complementary field of water, wind, solar and storage and sets stringent requirements in…

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