Nordex ACCIONA : second technical workshop for young women in Turkey

ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. The Nordex Group’s Turkish subsidiary, together with the TWRE (Turkish Women in Renewables and Energy), organized a second technical workshop for young women. This training was carried out under the coordination of the Nordex Training Coordinator, Melike Sezginer, and İzmir Office Manager, Gülçe Çalışkan, and with additional contributions from Selim Türkel, Nordex Technology and Improvement Manager, and Technical Trainers, Ahmet Paksoy and Zafer Avcı.

During the program, which was initiated to train white and blue-collar women for the wind energy sector, 10 female candidates – vocational high schools graduates, senior students and electrical, mechanical, meteorology, construction and energy systems engineering graduates – from various universities in Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir, had the chance to gain detailed theoretical and practical training over three days. Energía Limpia XXI magazine reports that according to a company press release, on the first day of the program, wind turbine types, as well as mechanical and electrical turbine system components were explained in detail. On the second day of the program, a visit to our Nordex Academy Turkey in Izmir provided a practical view of the theoretical training and system components. During an additional site visit to three wind farms, the participants were able to make operational observations on site for themselves.

TWRE Founder, President Ms. Sedef Budak’s comments on the program were clear: “We are very pleased that such valuable training has become routine. It was very important for us that young women take part in the transition of energy and guide their careers in the field of renewables. We thank Nordex Turkey greatly for their support.”

Nordex Training Coordinator, Melike Sezginer, commented: “As Nordex Turkey, we are happy to be in collaboration to encourage young women to work in the renewable energy business, and also to host them at the Nordex Academy Turkey, and we want to thank all participants.”

TWRE was founded in 2018 in order to create a network for women who take part in energy development and transition, as a platform for gender equality in the energy sector in Turkey.

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