Nagasaki, Japan, is Accelerating Investments in 100% electric buses with BYD China


Nagasaki, Japan welcomes the first batch of 100% electric buses from BYD China

ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. Nagasaki, Japan―BYD recently delivered pure electric buses to Huis Ten Bosch Theme Park in Nagasaki, Japan. This is the first batch of pure electric buses in Nagasaki. Also, following BYD’s recent delivery of a J6 electric bus to Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, the brand has once again established a successful partnership with a large Japanese park in the field of green transport solutions.

Located in Omura Bay, Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture, Huis Ten Bosch (pronounced “Has Ten Bos”) covers a total area of about 152 hectares, about twice the size of Tokyo Disneyland, making it Japan’s largest theme park. A report carried by Energía Limpia XXI magazine states that the name Huis Ten Bosch translates into English as “House at the Woods/bush”. It is named after Huis ten Bosch in The Hague, one of…

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