Education and solar energy: Photovoltaic energy shine in rural schools in Nicaragua

Clean energy and social inclusion


In 2020 Nicaragua ratified its commitment to renewables by signing the International Solar Alliance with India

ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. Solar energy continues to grow in isolated rural communities throughout Nicaragua, a clear example of this is the San Jacinto Arriba Educational Center in Wiwili Municipality, Nueva Segovia Department, here the solar panels guarantee the necessary energy for the students. The system helps generate the electricity that is used in the electrical system and in computer classrooms and English labs. Data from the specialized publication Energía Limpia XXI highlights that in the last 13 years the government has brought electricity service to more than 3 million Nicaraguans. Until 2006, Nicaragua was the country with the lowest level of electricity coverage in all of Central America. In July 2020, electricity coverage was 98%, an unprecedented fact.

Solar projects in Nicaragua are not strange. In the last decade, almost all hospitals in Nicaragua…

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