Telecommunications in Brazil with more solar energy: Neoenergia (Iberdrola) and Claro sign PPA agreement


LEADERSHIP / ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. Solar energy and telecommunications advance hand in hand in Brazil. Claro has just signed a contract to acquire 911 GWh of renewable energy in the open market with Neoenergia for the next twelve years, starting in 2022. Consumption will take place in 30 units of the company, 868 GWh for the Sureste / Centro submarket. -West and 43 GWh for the South submarket. The agreement is in the PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) modality, associated with the generation of the Luzia solar park, with 149.3 MWdc of capacity totally destined for the Free Market, which has just been announced by Neoenergia.

During this entire period, the energy supplied will be exclusively from solar generation from the ballast of FV Luzia, a solar project located in the Chafariz Wind Complex, in Paraíba, which will generate enough energy to serve more than 100,000 homes. The guarantee of sustainability…

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