Iberdrola and Lexus join forces to offer the most comprehensive network of electric charging points to their customers


Lexus customers will benefit from advantages regarding Iberdrola products, and if they are already customers of the electricity company or sign up for a supply contract, they will also be able to enjoy free charging in the Iberdrola network for the first 6 months after purchasing the vehicle
GO ECO GREEN21. Iberdrola and Lexus are joining forces to achieve more sustainable mobility and move forward together in the electrification of transport. Iberdrola becomes the charging supplier for Lexus electric models in Spain, specifically for the new UX 300e, the first 100% electric vehicle from Lexus.

In collaboration with Iberdrola, Lexus will install a home charging point at no cost for users who purchase an electric vehicle. Thanks to this agreement with the energy company, the users will also enjoy a 3-year guarantee on both the installation and the Wallbox equipment. Go Eco Green21 magazine states that according to the Iberdrola…

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