Wind Energy in Poland Continue to Grow: Vestas wins 56 MW order in Poland


ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. Vestas has secured a 56 MW order for the Banie lV project from Energix, which is the majority owner of the wind farm and is a well-established wind project developer in Poland. The contract includes supply, installation and commissioning of 16 V126-3.45 MW wind turbines with an operational mode of 3.5 MW combined with a 20-year Active Output Management 5000 (AOM 5000) service agreement.

The project, located in Banie in Western Pomerania, Poland, adds to the approximately 2.5 GW of onshore wind turbines currently installed by Vestas in Poland. Vestas has also secured a further 1.2 GW of orders to be installed. This project once again underlines Vestas’ leading position in the Polish renewable energy sector and its burgeoning wind industry.

Asa Levinger, CEO of Energix, notes, “Based on our previous experience with Vestas, we highly value the product quality and reliability of Vestas’ V126 turbine variant…

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