Could China speed up green mobility in Nicaragua?

China’s BYD has presence in Costa Rica and Panama leading the way for 100% electric green mobility

China has world-class technologies in green transportation and one of the expectations is that by strengthening relations with Nicaragua, the country could accelerate the use of electricity. Nicaragua has formed the National Electric Mobility Table and is advancing in an eco-friendly revolution. This important advance is part of the country’s commitments to the Green Climate Fund and its initiative to promote electric mobility at the regional level

ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. Nicaragua continues to advance in renewable energy and sustainable development issues. The Central American country established the national table on electric mobility, which begins the processes of setting goals and plans leading to the transition to clean transport models. The specialized publication Energía Limpia XXI highlights that a report by the United Nations Environment agency and the MOVE initiative indicates that the country has taken a first step as a participant in the regional project of the Green Climate Fund “Advancing towards electrification with a regional approach ”. Electric mobility requires a holistic approach made up of elements from the transport sector, the energy sector and the environment. These must be thought, regulated and planned together. The installation of a communication and coordination platform is vital to meet the challenges that the implementation of this technology entails in our region in a joint and coordinated manner. The Nicaraguan national mobility table fulfills this function. The report highlights that under the leadership of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit (MHSP), the table is made up of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (MARENA), the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MEM), the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure ( MIT) and the Managua City Collective Transport Regulatory Institute. MOVE is part of the table under the guidelines of the regional preparation project “Advancing towards electrification with a regional focus”, of the Green Climate Fund. The Green Climate Fund supports the advancement of electric mobility in countries such as: Argentina, Costa Rica, Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay and Uruguay. These efforts help identify and address the main barriers to electric mobility by providing the assessments, capabilities, and financing alternatives necessary to accelerate the adoption of electric mobility technology. This will be done with a dual approach: at the national and regional level.

At the national level, understanding that even though electric mobility is at an early stage in all participating countries, the barriers and the corresponding solutions may vary according to the context and priorities of each country. At the regional level, identifying cross-border problems and promoting multinational collaboration. For the moment, it is common for countries in the region to adopt an isolated or autonomous approach to address their challenges associated with the adoption of electric mobility despite possible barriers or common drivers between countries, which could benefit from a regional approach.

Topics: renewable energy, sustainable development, COP26,

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