More wind energy in Argentina: Vestas secures 81 MW order with Pampa Energía in Argentina


ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. Wind energy in Argentina continues to growth. Vestas has signed an agreement with Pampa Energia for the 81 MW De la Bahia II project, close to Bahia Blanca city in the Province of Buenos Aires in Argentina. With this extension of the De la Bahia wind park that has been in operation since 2019, the wind complex’ combined capacity will reach a total of 187 MW.

“Vestas is pleased to grow our partnership with Pampa Energia, the leading independent and energy integrated company in Argentina. We are certain that the reliability and competitiveness of the 4 MW platform combined with the 20-year service agreement, designed to ensure optimised performance of the assets, will provide Pampa Energía with long-term certainty and optimise their business case”, says Eduardo Ricotta, President of Vestas Latin America. Energía Limpia XXI magazine noted that according to the Vestas report the order includes 18…

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