Prodiel and Power China are to build the 296-MW Potrero Solar Photovoltaic Plant in Jalisco, Mexico


ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. Prodiel and Power China have been selected by Spanish company Fotowatio Renewable Ventures (FRV) to build its second solar energy facility, Potrero Solar, with a capacity of 296 MW, in Mexico. The project will be located in Lagos de Moreno, in the state of Jalisco, and construction is to begin in October 2019 on a site measuring 640 hectares. A report carried by Energía Limpia XXI states that the contract is based on the Full EPC model and includes engineering, construction of the facility and the building of a 400-kV substation, as well as operation and maintenance (O&M) during the first two years of the facility’s life. In addition, this project will encourage the economic development of the area and the creation of employment opportunities, by generating over 1,500 jobs during the execution phase for the facility.

The plant will be made up of bifacial photovoltaic modules and therefore upon completion it will be one of the largest photovoltaic facilities with this technology in the world. It is estimated that production at the plant will be 750 GWh/year, which would be equivalent to the annual consumption of more than 350,000 Mexican households. When Potrero Solar is fully operational it will prevent emissions of 345,000 tons of CO2 to the atmosphere every year.

“We feel very proud to be part of a project which will be considered one of the most innovative projects as regards photovoltaic technology and an example of leadership in engineering and construction”, said Miguel Somé Domínguez, CEO of Prodiel. Gilbert Salvi, Executive Vice-President of Powerchina International Ltd. (Americas), added, “Potrero Solar represents further proof of our growth in the Mexican energy market; with it, we are reaching a new state, rich in solar resources and with exemplary growth potential”.

Potrero Solar is FRV’s first 100% merchant-financed project in Mexico, which is a milestone in the country as it is not associated with a long-term energy auction price.

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