18 new members, join the 600W+ Open Innovation Ecological Alliance accelerating mass production of 600W+ ultra-high power and high-efficiency module


There has been remarkable progress in 600W+ related technological innovation and supply chain optimization since the 600W+ Open Innovation Ecological Alliance was established on July 16, thanks to the joint efforts of the initiators and partners dedicated to developing the industry.

Meanwhile, 18 leading companies in the global solar industry join the alliance, bringing the number of members to 57 by Aug 28.

One of the members is Tianjin Zhonghuan Semiconductor Co Ltd, which was a pioneer in making large silicon wafers. Subsequently Trina Solar introduced Vertex 600W/550W series modules, after which Risen Energy offered a system solution for 600W+ low voltage modules and high string power. At the same time, Risen Energy and Trina Solar reached an agreement on the design of 600W+ modules to simplify and standardize the product process of 600W+ modules and system design of the utility sale system. In addition, JA Solar announced its 800W…

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