Green Mobility in Norway: BYD ‘eMobility pioneer’ status to boost profile in Norway


ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. BYD – one of the world’s leading New Energy Vehicle (NEV) manufacturers – believes its global reputation as an ‘eMobility pioneer’ will help build a positive BYD brand profile in Norway following the recently-launched BYD Tang SUV.

BYD Tang SUV for Norway market

The company points to its 26-years of experience in electric battery development and also its credentials as the only NEV manufacturer to offer a truly complete eMobility solution, including its own powertrain systems, rechargeable batteries, motor-control systems and, significantly, its own IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) power semiconductors.

BYD ultra-safe Blade Battery

BYD is partnering the renowned Nordic car distributor, RSA, to deliver a world-class sales, service and parts offering for BYD customers in Norway. RSA’s comprehensive network of dealer locations will ensure the BYD brand will enjoy a country-wide platform, while outstanding local aftersales back-up is assured from a company with a wealth…

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