Israel with the first wireless line that charges electric buses as it moves along its route, revolutionizing electric transportation in the world


ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. Electric mobility continues to advance and take important steps in terms of innovation. In this regard, Israel continues to make history by blessing the world with innovations that could mark a before and a departure in terms of less polluting technology. A report published by Energía LImpia XXI magazine highlights that beautiful Tel Aviv this year has begun to implement a pilot project to install a 2-kilometer long bus line, which allows electric buses to charge while they make their usual routes.

The modern project has the technology also of the Israeli seal of the innovative engineering company Electreon, its projects have begun to attract attention in countries such as Germany and Sweden that have recognized the attractiveness of this new eco-technology for electric mobility.

The bus route is in the segment that connects the Tel Aviv University bus terminal with Klatzkin Street in Ramat Aviv. After…

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