More wind energy in Brazil : Chafariz Wind Complex with first 10 wind turbines in operation


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ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. Wind energy in Brazil with is moving forward. Neoenergia started the commercial operation of the Chafariz Wind Complex, in the Sertão of Paraíba. As of today (7/29), the first 10 wind turbines of the enterprise are in full operation and have an installed capacity corresponding to 34.65 MW. The delivery is 17 months ahead of the beginning of the validity of the contract in the Regulated Market.

The test phase of the other wind turbines is proceeding according to schedule, and the company will keep the market informed about the news.

In total, the Complex will have 471.25 MW of installed capacity, with 61% of the energy allocated to the Regulated Market (ACR) and 39% to the Free Contracting Environment (ACL). The full implementation is expected to be completed by the end of this year, significantly ahead of the business plan and…

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