India Foreign Minister Subrahmanyam Jaishankar in succesful meeting with Nicaragua on renewable energy and other topics

ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT. Nicaragua and India continue to strengthen cooperation on renewable energy and sustainable development. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nicaragua Denis Moncada reported that the meeting held this week with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of India Subrahmanyam Jaishankar addressed issues such as the construction of 8 electrical substations that will help improve the quality of life of thousands of families in rural communities .

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of India said : “Good to meet FM Denis Moncada of Nicaragua again. Appreciate his warm words for our projects in power, health and ICT. Our cooperation is a model of South South solidarity”.

A report by Energía Limpia XXI highlights that last year Nicaragua joined the International Solar Alliance, the International Solar Alliance led by India and seeks to promote greater commitment worldwide in combating the effects of climate change and the generation of solar energy. .Solar energy in Nicaragua has contributed in a very positive way to increasing electricity coverage, allowing us to achieve 98% electricity coverage nationwide. Minister Moncada pointed out that “We talked about the construction of electrical substations. There are 8 electrical substations that we have designed through the Ministry of Energy and Mines ”.

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