BYD Energy do Brasil will increase its production capacity for the launch of photovoltaic modules with greater power

ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. BYD Energy do Brasil, the largest national manufacturer of photovoltaic modules, headquartered in Campinas (SP), aiming to meet growing market demands, is expanding its production capacity to launch photovoltaic modules with higher nominal power.

“This release shows how much BYD is committed to expanding its participation in the solar energy segment in Brazil. The company, which is already a leader in solutions for a more sustainable world, also invests in research and innovation to create more efficient products that are adapted to the Brazilian climate reality”, comments Adalberto Maluf, BYD’s Marketing and Sustainability Director. Energía Limpia XXI magazine states that according to a company report, the new photovoltaic modules have a power of 450W and an efficiency of 20.9% and are indicated for residential systems, for agribusiness solutions or even in commercial, industrial and off-grid generation.To start manufacturing the 450W modules, the production of the 335W Polycrystalline model/family P6K and 395W Monocrystalline model/family M7K photovoltaic modules will be reduced. However, in order to avoid any type of inconvenience or adversity caused by the lack of product for projects that are in the approval and/or negotiation phase, BYD Energy do Brasil has increased its stock of these modules, allowing our partners to issue new purchase orders until 8/31/21 for the P6K Family – Polycrystalline – and until 9/30/2021 for the M7K family – Monocrystalline.

With heated demand, BYD registered a growth of more than 40% in the sale of modules in the second half of 2020. Because of this, in the first half of this year the company opened another shift in its factory, hiring around 60 new employees, totaling more than 400 employees.

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