INDIA ENERGY SECTOR: Greenko Group and John Cockerill partner in joint market development initiatives for Green Hydrogen Electrolyzers in India


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ENERGIA LIMPIA XXI. India .Greenko ZeroC (GZC), a subsidiary of Greenko Group, a leading Indian cleantech company, and John Cockerill, a world-leading designer and manufacturer of high-capacity alkaline electrolyzers in Belgium, signed an exclusive agreement to jointly develop market initiatives for green hydrogen electrolyzers in India. GZC and John Cockerill will combine their strengths to collaborate in all spheres of market evolution for green hydrogen electrolyzers, which converts clean energy into carbon free hydrogen. They will also innovate technologies to manufacture carbon negative fuels, hastening the energy transition that companies and countries are undertaking.

Greenko, which is based in Hyderabad, southern India, is already building capacity to cater to the rapidly evolving green hydrogen market globally. Leveraging India’s ample and diversified base of renewables generation alongside its own long-duration storage projects to provide uninterrupted renewable energy, Greenko aims to deliver internationally cost-competitive green hydrogen…

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